Our gratitude extends to all of the folks who made generous contributions to the successful Tesseract Experience Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Thank you!

For those of you who missed out: If you’re interested in any of the custom-designed, individually-produced reward sculptures, we would be happy to make one for you! Please email for details.

All proceeds go toward further improvements and operational costs of the art piece.

25 dollar Kickstarter reward

$25 – Tesseract 1.0 Igniter Heritage pendant. Each contains an actual igniter coil from the original Tesseract sculpture.

(Limited to 216 examples)

50 dollar Kickstarter reward

$50 – Single miniature panel sculpture. Designed by the Tesseract Experience team and constructed of steel.

Approximately 10″ high, freestanding.

{Limited to 128 examples}

100 dollar Kickstarter Reward

$100 – A miniature, digital version of a single Tesseract panel.

Designed, constructed, and programmed by The Tesseract Experience team.

Stands approximately 11″ high, including base. Steel, wood, LEDs.

{Limited to 32 examples.}

200 dollar Kickstarter Reward

$200 – Freestanding non- illuminated miniature cube sculpture. Designed and built by The Tesseract Experience team.

Approximately 10″ high, freestanding. Steel.

{Limited to 16 examples}

500 dollar Kickstarter Reward

$500 – An LED illuminated, scaled, digital version of the Tesseract.

{limited to 8 examples}