the people


To experience Tesseract is to witness the outcome of over four years’ engineering, industrial design, and artistic efforts by the team’s eight core members and eleven contributors. For those involved in building and presenting Tesseract, it is a shared belief the experience exhibits the value in creative collaboration.

Earica Brown – imaging, production and camp support

William Gibbs – concept, engineering and technical direction

Andrew Lybarger – control system hardware development

Alexandra Matthiesen – branding, marketing and social media coordination

Harrison Neel – production support, shop space

Webster Olson – Kinect® interface and Tesseract Experience online development

Scott Chico Raskey – concept, buildout, production coordination

James Reinhardt – concept, buildout, production coordination

the individuals who helped materialize Tesseract //

Bill and Tina Reinhardt [Kickstarter ’12 campaign, kind encouragement], Adam Boshard [buildout], Michelle Boshart [buildout], Kendall McCormick [buildout, camp ’13], Jenny Penny [buildout, camp ’13],  Amber Wagner [grant-writing, buildout, and camp ’12], Justin Diduch [tech help, buildout, camp ’12], Shawn “Medic” Finnegan [buildout on-playa, camp ’12], Ryan Terwedo [buildout, Kickstarter ’12 campaign], Patrick Blythe [buildout], K.A.O.S, BRCAC.

Kickstarter campaign backers and supporters //

2012: Rosangela Canino-Koning, Dylan [Harper?], Christing Betow Seerveld, Jenn Scribner, Charles Alvis, Brian Mars, Mike Carney, patrick, Magpie, Jasmine, Julia Gosztyla Ziobro, Brian Page, Porter Feller, Amber, Howie Choder, Lynn Ziegler, William Reinhardt, Bob Carter, Ashley Vidrine, Kodiak McStompin-Boots, Mike Begley, Heatherly.

2013: Shodoka, Doug Crissman, Kelsey LeBeau, Robin Lynks Mock, DrMike, Michi Catanese, Diana Cimadamore, Brian Campbell, Nathan Corwin, Adam Philipp, Daniel Chaim Robbins, Jennifer Johnston Gorohoff, Shelley Frisch, Suzy Sizzles, Sarah Akhtar Cooper, Ryan Yeck, Avery Lavoie, Elizabeth Gruenstein, Claudio Chen, Joel Parker Henderson, Kitty Edwards, Shauna Buckner, Rhonda Peterson.